5 Basic Types of Music

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Music is a form of art that people love and get inspiration from. Music makes us feel livelier and more inspired to do our everyday tasks. We often listen to music when we get bored, we are doing paper works or we are just hanging out with friends. The type of music we listen to usually depends on our personality. Some of love the energy rock or hip hop music gives us while others would prefer listening to mellow, quiet music or love songs.

There are many types of music and to name a few are: pop music, country music, hip hop music, techno music and instrumental. These types of music are mostly known to us and we sometimes love to listen to different types of music depending on the mood we are in. Pop music is derived from the word "popular" and pop music is usually loved by younger generation. This type of music can be in different forms - love song, classical, rock or novelty song. You can identify if it's pop music if it is the current trend or if it is well-loved by teenagers.

When we hear the word country music, what usually enter our minds are artists like the Carpenters or Bob Dylan. Country music is said to have started in the southern part of United States in 1960s. On the other hand, Hip hop music was popularized by African Americans in New York in 1970s. Hip hop music are usually identified and linked to rap, beatboxing and many others.

Techno Music is a modern type of music that is a combination of electronic and dance music but it is mainly instrumental. This type of music was originally created as a form of party music and can be heard in disco bars. Another type of music that is loved by many of us especially those who love to be in a quiet environment is the Instrumental music. This type of music is played using different kinds of instruments and there is no singer to render a song.
Whatever type of music we love to hear, the important thing is that we are inspired by the songs we hear and if you are musically-inclined you can even create your own musical piece and share it to other people.

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